Corporate Culture

                     In 2014, Dongguan Vatro Electronics Technology Co., Ltd became the first batch of MFi Licensed V6.2 Apple authorized manufacturers.


MFi is the abbreviation for "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPod" and "Made for iPad".The MFi is the license from Apple Inc to identify the external accessories of authorized parts manufacturer produces.

  • Very few enterprises in the world have been certified and the product quality is trustworthy.

  • The enterprise has a strong design, research and manufacturing industry chain.

  • Superior products can provide a good enough using experience for customers.

                     In 2017, Dongguan Vatro Electronics Technology Co., Ltd entered and became a member of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium).


WPC which founded on December 17, 2008 aims to create and promote a wide range of international wireless charging QI standards compatible with all rechargeable electronic devices. QI standards formulated the industry standard, it is to overcome the technical bottleneck of wireless charging "generality", cell phones, cameras, computers, cars, home appliances products and more other devices can use QI wireless charger, that can be good for large-scale application of wireless charging.

  • Compatibility: compatible with most wireless charging smart phones, the same QI standard charging device can be used in cars.

  • Fast Speed: rapidly improve the access speed of new products.

  • High Efficiency: the charging speed is extremely fast, the system is stable, the charging temperature rise is small and the energy is used efficiently.

  • Security: do not worry about potential hidden trouble that have been recognized by the ICC.

  • The market is very large with hundred millions of users around the world, and 375 millions products are using QI.

                     Since its establishment in 2005, Dongguan Vatro Electronics Technology Co., Ltd has been upholding the original and copyright of brand manufacturers and R&D products.The self-developed products are certified by CE, FCC, CCC and other international authorities to provide users with safe, healthy and environmental products.



             The company has a group of young and professional production staff with professional and innovative spirit. Open, cooperation, and progress are our characteristics. Nearly 30 engineers strengthen product structure and improve the process, so that products are more creative and fashion connotation.